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Fighting Fire With Fire
I had lunch with two coworkers Friday and sat at the local Shakey's Pizza eating pizza, watching Fox News and talking about current events. The usual news stories floated by either at the top or the bottom of the screen eliciting commentary from my two friends--- and with stories about Guantanamo Bay, Fort Hood and Somalia Pirates dominating the show--- eventually we ended up in one of our frequent discussions about crime & punishment in America as regards "terrorists".

The conversation was something like this:

Ken "They're bringing those guys to New York for a trial? Those guys that blew up the Trade Center? Some Senator is saying that's a bad idea."

Scott "Yeah, you know what they should do? They should strap them down, cut off one finger tip at a time..."

Ken "Yeah, they want to be martyred anyway so..."

Scott "...then cut off their fingers and toes..."

Ken "...I'd tell them, 'Hey we'll let you be martyrs..."

Scott "...then cut they're arms and legs off real slow..."

Ken "...we just want to kill you our way here in front of all the people you hurt ..."

Scott "...then shoot them in the head with a BB gun like 50 or 60 times...."

Ken "...instead of letting you blow yourself up and take innocent people with you."

Scott "...then just kill them somehow to finish it off like with a dull knife or something."

From there of course we went the full gamut through torture at Guantanamo Bay, nuking them back to the Stone Age and many other suggestions for “fighting fire with fire”.

Believe me I'm not in favor of showing mercy to proven terrorists, and I have no problem with them being tried and put to death for their crimes, but I always find it odd when Christians seem to agree with this concept of breaking all the rules in the way that we deal with them. I hear them talking about practicing terrorism against our enemies to put us on an even footing. Did you know that terrorism, in the Middle East, actually started with Israel planting bombs in civilian areas during the war for independence in 1948? How did that work for them?

Even more odd though is that the same people that believe in this also believe that we are a Christian Nation, called and ordained of God, to be a light to the world. Can we have it both ways? Can we believe that The United States of America is the beacon of Christianity to a lost world while at the same time believing that we have the right to practice torture, terrorism or genocide?

See fighting fire with fire sounds like a good idea when you’re mad, or hurt, but would you really want the fire department to show up and fight a fire at your house with flame throwers?

"OH, thank God you here! My family..."

"Back up sir, we're gonna fight Fire with Fire baby!!

"What!! No! My kids are in there!! My wife!!!"

"Hey we didn’t start this thing but let me tell you buddy we will end it! Stand back!!"

Well guess what? This is God’s house. Those are his kids. And we are here to run in, grab them from the flames and drag out as many as we can before the fire consumes everything in Judgment. Remember the Bible says that “God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to eternal life through Jesus Christ”.

I know this is a ridiculous thought, but maybe we should resist the temptation to take revenge and pray for our enemies.

I know, I know, too ridiculous to consider.

Where’s my flamethrower?