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Church Update
On Easter Sunday my family and I finally called it quits on attending the same circle of churches here in our town hoping that somehow one of them, after 15 years, would magically turn into what we were looking for. We decided to just meet in our living room, worship Jesus, study the Bible and fellowship together.

I have to admit it was difficult to do. It felt right but it also looked so wrong to me. I've been saved nearly 30 years and have never not gone to church in all that time. But enough was enough and we (my wife, daughter, Son-in-law and myself) liked what was happening here and did not like what was happening any other place we visited.

Our vision of what church should be is simple. People come who are hungry for God and they get fed. The Holy Spirit is not only welcome but craved. It should not be a social gathering with dress codes and a multitude of programs. People come needy and they should get what they need rather than hiding behind a mask and pretending that everything is fine until they go home and cry themselves to sleep.

We have run across others who feel the same way over the past few months and we have grown. Last nights meeting was 18 people, or 6 families. We love it. There is no program other than we show up and see what God has in store for us. People start arriving at 7:00 or so and they were all still here at11:00. And no one was looking at their watch wondering when they could leave. We spent the time worshiping, praying for each other, prophesying and fellowshipping over the wide array of food everyone brought. I have been looking for this type of fire for 15 years in this town. Thank you Jesus that we have finally found it.