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(no subject)
Latest Song I've Written:


We have this talk a couple times a year,
if you don't remember, it's because you're never here,
It's just me and I'm talking in my mind,
Driving, while the world falls off behind...

But it's conversation,
and it helps me pass the time,
and someday I'll tell you,
everything that's on my mind...

But right now I'm driving everywhere, all the time,
going to someplace from someplace else,
to do something that justifies my pay,
So I keep moving, but I always seem to move away...

But it's conversation,
if it's only in my mind,
and someday I'll tell you,
If I can only find the time...

And there's so much to say,
So I reach for words,
and find emptiness again.

But I love you,
and I'm as proud of you,
as a person's ever been.

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From Connie:

I cannot wait to hear it. I'm probably one of many who think you were talking just to me.

That's why I let it slip through. I was going to trash the song because I didn't know where it was going or how it could end up but when it was finished I figured it could work for so many people that I love and never have the time to sit down and talk with anymore. Which is just about everyone. I have these conversations with everyone eventually.

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