December 12th, 2004

Church Update

Sunday 12/12/04

Church was OK today. A bit of a step backward from last week but OK. I'm still preaching on hearing from God and last week it was on "Laying up" the things that we hear and dealt with what we should do when there is a long gap between what God says, and what God does. Like Mary "laid up" in her heart the prophecies about Jesus and waited for them to come to pass. She did not doubt or give up because there was a long gap.

Jesus taught a parable in Luke 19 about a "certain man who goes into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom and to return" because as Luke says "They were approaching Jerusalem and they (the disciples) thought that the Kingdom of God would immediately appear". He sets them up for the idea that "Hey guys, this may take a little while, but I am coming back. Occupy till I come. Stay busy."

This week was on "Stirring up" and it was from 1 Timothy 1:6 "I urge you to stir up the Gift that lies within you...". Sometimes we have to stir up the gift. We have to stoke the embers and remind ourselves about the promises of God. About the prophecies that have gone before on us. Hearing God and believing God are what lead us to the culmination of Faith which is obeying God.