October 31st, 2004

Thank You

Thank you Len, Djere and anyone else who was in prayer for us. God moved mightily today. We laid everything aside today and God just moved. I prophesied to them and then we prayed over every person in that church and took authority over the things that have been binding us. It was wonderful. I have never done anything like that as a pastor before. I just had to completely trust the LORD to walk me through it, and He did. I don't know how long we prayed, I think a couple hours, and only two people escaped. One lady who dissappeared and a man who is severely oppressed by a demon. The rest of us had church. We prayed over this other man and bound the demon but I didn't see until afterwards where his freedom lay. He always comes Sunday Night for prayer and tonight, by the grace of God, I will handle it right. I cowed the demon in to a corner (as though there were any question of authority) instead of walking the man through how to take control and get the freedon that Jesus has already purchased for him. If he isn't there tonight I'll be going to his house, but either way pray specifically that the "strongman will be bound" in the name of Jesus Christ. This is a deep rooted thing in this man, and his effect has been chilling on the others in the church for many years. Again, thank you so much for remembering us in prayer this weekend.