September 16th, 2004

Hurricane Ivan

Hurricane Ivan made landfall about 3:00 AM 10 miles East of Mobile in Gulf Shores Alabama, and is now creeping our way. I heard from Josh Sweet at about 6:00 AM today (Thursday) and other than a downed tree in his backyard everything is OK there. He did say that he'll be without power for as much as three weeks though.

Joey Sweet is in Panama City according to Gramma Sweet and that did take alot of damage but I don't have any information on how he's doing. Phil, Rachel, Ian and Naveen went back to Florida on Tuesday AM when it was clear Ivan wasn't going to hit Lakeland. Now all they have to worry about is Jeanne.

Ivan's coming our way and is still packing 115 mile per hour winds but the coverage on TV all concerns the coast more than Opelika, Alabama and I'm not exactly sure how direct of a hit we will take. The weather station is saying 50-70 MPH winds here so we'll just have to wait and see what happens. But if you don't here from us for a while it's because we have no power.