September 13th, 2004

Church Prayer Meeting

Three weeks ago Rod started a prayer meeting on Sunday night @ 6:00 and it has been a blessing. The first night it was Rod (the deacon), Debbie & I and Charles & Cathy a brother & sister (literally) from the church.

The second week it was the same but we also had the 5 Southeastern refugee's and Ginny the piano player. This week we had 11 people including the Aubuchon's (finally back from California & NY) and another couple who just showed up inexplicably. This church has not had any evening services in years and these people had never been there on Sunday Morning so it was amazing to me that they just showed up. He was just working on phone lines across the street a week ago or something and it struck him to come here last night @ 6:00.

All we do is pray. No talk, no leadership type stuff, just seek the LORD. Toward the end Ginny came up and just started playing some wonderful music and a few people sang along softly to "There's Just Something About That Name". It was such a sweet time of God's presence. I am encouraged. I am still not the Pastor but to me it's academic. I know I'm where I am supposed to be and it will just take some time to work it all out.

Today I went to Montgomery and took the test to be a Certified Minister for the Assemblies of God. They asked me what they believe and I wrote it down for them from 9:00-12:00, then we had a lunch break and orientation from 1;30-2;30 to meet the district presbyters, directors, honchos, chief honchos and sub-honchos. If things go well I get a provisional license October 18th. Til then I am still violating the Religious Liberties Registration Act of 1792 by preaching "publicly and vigorously the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ without maintaining, possessing and otherwise entertaining any official recognition by a sovereign and established religious body". So sue me. Not you Steve because you actually could in a few years.