September 7th, 2004

Powerful Weekend

On Wednesday 9/1/04 SouthEastern College told all the students they had to leave college because of the impending hurricane Frances. Phil and Rachel headed out on Thursday AM along with three friends (Erica, Steve & Ian) who had elected to come with them and they arrived late Thursday night.

We had a great time of fellowship and Saturday night we went outside to try an experiment Ian had suggested which involved placing drops of water on an open candle flame. This failed to produce the desired effect (small explosive type events)due to wind conditions, but resulted in us staying on the front porch with many lit candles singing and playing guitars until Deb & I retired at 10:00 or so.

At 11:00 we were still hearing lots of noise from the front porch, assuming it was laughter and good times, and I went out to remind them to blow out all the candles before they came in for the night. What I stumbled into was a prayer meeting that was going full blast.

I opened the door to see Rachel praying boldly in tongues (a new sight for me) and pointing at the door saying "We need to get Mom and dad right now and pray for them!" it was utterly amazing to me. They prayed over us and prophesied, and Rachel got an obvious touch that I had never seen before. We ended up inside on our faces weeping and crying out for the service the next day.

On Sunday morning, despite the efforts of all these young people praying over me I still felt empty and dry. I shared the statistics along with some from a different study done 10 years previous to this study that made the point that Pentecostal churches were the only churches growing during that period. That growth however was not from new converts but from denominational people flocking to the Pentecostal churches. I made the point that if that's true they didn't find what they were looking for here either cause now they have apparrently moved on.

I ended the service and just told them honestly I don't have a "move of God" in my hip pocket but we need one and I am willing to pray and wait with you for it to come. I just spent the time weeping at the altar feeling stil empty and dry but Erica felt moved to pray for people and we said (after checking with the deacon) "go for it". It was the one thing I was praying specifically for at the altar but I did not want to influence them so I had not mentioned it. So we spent an hour or so praying for people and God really seemed to move.

We went back for a prayer meeting again Sunday Night @ 6:00 and I felt God moved and gave me some specific things to bind and I annointed their sanctuary. When we were done the deacon told me they would let me know. I have no idea what happens next but we had an amazing weekend. Last night we laid hands on each of the students, including Phil and Rachel and sent them off. What a powerful time it was for us. We are going to miss them.