August 6th, 2004

Church Stuff

I preached from Mark chapter one again moving into the verses that deal with the calling of Peter, Andrew, James & John. The points were as follows:

1. When God calls us it always involves effort on our part.
2. When God call us it always involves change.
3. That change takes the form of "following him" and so it is actually moving into a state of constant change and communication with him.
4. That change always involves us in the lives of others .

Wow. Been an eventful week. After the service Sunday the Deacon, Rod, said "I'll talk to some folks this week and we'll call you." To me it sounded kind of like what I hear all the time at work when someone has decided not to buy my copier but they don't want to be rude so I thought it meant "So long pal, don't call us we'll call you."

I had not received a call all week so I called him Thursday and we met for lunch today. Things are still on track. He just doesn't communicate well. We are going to do some music this week as well as preach and Wednesday I am going to the Senior Saints Luncheon to meet some more people and get to know them a little better. Please pray for us, and in particular me. This is obviously something that can't be done in the flesh. I need God to lead me through this process.

They seem to have at least three strong couples and so do we and that is a good foundation to begin with but it has to change radically to grow and radical change is also painful change. It isn't possible to just step in and start changing the way people have been doing things for years without coming across as arogant. I can see it will be a slow process. And one that I know little about.