July 27th, 2004

Church Stuff

This past Sunday we were in the building around the corner and preached for the first time to the folks there. I preached from Mark 1:14, 15 "The time is fulfilled...the Kingdom of God is at hand...Repent...and believe the Gospel." Yeah, those were the four points.

It's an interesting church. We had about 25 people all together with our bunch and thiers. Right now I am simply preaching a couple weeks to get a feel for the church and let them get a feel for us. If things go well we will talk about some kind of vote maybe in August. They have 15 members reportedly but I don't reaally know what they define as a member. The board consists of the one man, Rod Trumbull, Deacon At Large. God's good and it should be a blessing building a church there.