June 15th, 2004


"I searched the land, for a willing man, and I found many.
One by one, the hard times come, and they all, up and left me!
Where's the passion?
Where's the ..HEY! HEY!"

Steve Wiggins, Big Tent Revival, Where's The Passion?

6/13/04-Church was good. I preached on Acts 2:42 and four foundation stones of the early church life:
1. Teaching
2. Fellowship
3. Breaking of bread
4. Prayer

I have met many people over the years here who said "If you start a church I'll come to it" and of course all those people look at me now when I tell them we've started a church like..."Uh...I hope he doesn't ask me to come". Ah, well. The church will be filled as we will go into the highways and byways and fill it up.

Today I am picking up the paperwork to begin the licensing process with the Assemblies of God. Pray for wisdom and direction. Attendence hit a low of six people but it actually feels more discouraging now than it did Sunday AM. It was a good time of worship and it felt like church.