June 10th, 2004

Church Update

Sunday 6/6/04 I preached from Ezekiel 34 on the sheep that are scattered, who they are and why we need to reach them. We had 10 people in church. Victor & Faline Aubuchon; Stephen, Teresa, Tyler & Holli Hodge; David, Debbie, Philip & Rachel Sweet. We could double soon though based on some news I got Monday.

On the way to Gulf Shores on Monday for a business/vacation trip we got a phone call about the building we have been interested in acquiring. There is a church of about 15 people meeting there now and they have been praying for a pastor. Bill Bryan, the local presbyter for the Assemblies of God, is over the church and he is urging me to take credentials with AG and go in as the pastor of that church.

It's something to pray about. It would mean doubling our church and inheriting a small financial base but who knows what else we might inherit. Our church is meeting here tomorrow to pray about it, and will be adding a mid-week service for prayer and Bible study starting next week.